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Welcome to The Robotics Primer Workbook. The Workbook is a stand-alone resource as well as a companion for "The Robotics Primer" by Maja J Mataric', published by MIT Press in June 2007. This workbook is designed as a general introduction to robotic programming. You will find a wide range of exercises in the sections below, from simple sensing to group robotics and robot learning. The exercises make use of the iRobot Create, a low-cost programmable mobile robot platform available from iRobot. An optional addition to the Create robot is the Gumstix computer, a small self contained computer about the size of a piece of gum. The sections are ordered so as to become gradually more challenging, and to cover all levels of robot programming experience and interest. It is generally best to start with the Prerequisites and Introduction sections before moving on.

Robotics Primer Video

Workbook Sections

Description of the hardware and software needed for the exercises.
Brief description of what to expect in the sections, with examples.
Robot Components
Sensors, effectors, and actuators commonly used in robots.
Methods for making the robot move around in an intelligent manner.
Infra-red, sonar, laser, and camera sensors.
Feedback Control
How to control a robot to achieve and maintain a desired state.
Deliberative Control
Reasoning on state information to produce control output.
Reactive Control
Exercises showing reactive control. Obstacle avoidance, wall following, etc.
Hybrid Control
Combining reactive control with deliberative control.
Behavior-Based Control
Exercises showing how to use behaviors.
Emergent Behavior
Simple behaviors with complex results.
Navigation through mazes, building maps, and path planning.
Group Robotics
Exercises and techniques for using groups of robots.
Reinforcement learning of line following and obstacle avoidance.
List of terms and their definitions.


:Category:Hardware Hardware
Description of hardware used in the workbook
:Category:Software Software
Description of software used in the workbook
:Category:Exercise Exercises
Full list of all exercises in workbook
Misc.png Client Library
Doxygen documentation of the software library used in exercises
Wishlist Wishlist
List of feature requests for workbook
Links Links
Links to projects using the RoboticsPrimer or the iRobot Create
Linux 101 Linux 101
Howto use the Linux operating system
Compile Code Development
How to write and compile code
Contribute Contribute
How to contribute to the workbook
link= Book Review Book Review
ACM Computing Reviews review of The Robotics Primer, February 2008

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